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Let the beauty  of what you  love be what         you do






Born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y, Monique always had a passion and a raw gift for doing hair at a young age. It started off with her styling Barbie dolls hair. Then at the age of 10, she would look at hair magazines and look at women's hair passing her by in the street and figuring out in her mind how to execute that look and try it out on her sister's hair. The styles came out very similar to what she had seen, given she had never been taught anything. During her teenage years, doing hair was a hobby for her. Monique majored in computer science in George Westinghouse H.S. and over time, she realized that's not what she wanted to pursue in life.


At age 20, Monique had a baby girl and knew that she needed a career, That's when she realized that doing hair is her niche. Monique then went on and studied at the New York International Beauty School and received her certificate and cosmetology license. Her first salon job was at Miss Jessie's Salon. She then went on to Louis Licari Salon, Then Hair Rules Salon where she became a Senior Stylist, a Hair Instructor, and a Texture Specialist.

Monique has also written hair articles for Redbook Magazine, Teen Vogue Magazine and Dreamteen Magazine. Monique works with all textures, but has been specializing in natural textures for over 20 years. She's now an independent Hair Stylist and her goal is to touch the lives of each client she encounter's with. She listens to their needs and wants and give them thorough consultations to deliver what's being asked of them. She continues to provide quality service, dedication, integrity, and professionalism.



  • 1 hr

    115 US dollars
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